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Day trips are a great way for families to spend time together away from their every day routines. Here are five ideas of great day trips to take with your family.

State Parks/National Landmarks

Families on a budget can find many activities and things to do for little to no cost at a variety of state parks and national landmarks. These adventures can be to historical sites rich in the history of heritage of a particular area, archaeological sites or monuments of cultural information on diverse populations.

There are opportunities to explore nature with trails, gardens, caves, springs and a variety of other natural wonders for the entire family to enjoy. Activities can include swimming, boating, kayaking, hiking, picnicking and rock climbing. This variety of sites and activities can engage and interest all ages.

Beach It

walking on a secluded beach
Take a walk on the beach, enjoy each other again!

If you are within a few hours from the coastline, you can always take a day trip to the beach on a warm day. There are lots of activities to do at the beach from swimming, jet skiing, surf lessons, beach volleyball, hunting for seashells, family picnics and building sandcastles.

Older teens and young adults can sunbath and read. Younger children can have fun playing in the sand. Even infants will enjoy seeing the ocean for the first time and getting their feet wet.

Amusement Parks

Though they can be relatively pricey, theme parks and amusement parks are popular day trips for families with children. Most theme parks have a variety of attractions for all ages. There are educational theme parks, family theme parks and regional parks.

Most theme parks have rides such as merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, trains and water rides. Some parks have cartoon or movie characters or special entertainment such as concerts, fireworks and theatrical performances. You can spend the entire day at a theme park in order to visit all the rides, shows, restaurants and shops.


Families can enjoy a nice day trip to area museums. There are several types of museums that appeal to families with children such as science museums that usually have a special area for children that involves hands on learning activities. Natural history museums can have exhibits on dinosaurs that appeal to children.

Some art museums may have art classes for children on certain days to give them an opportunity to create their own art. Adults will be able to find interesting exhibits and historical information while the kids are playing and engaging in their hands-on activities.

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets and Local Farms

Taking trips with your family is something that can strengthen everyone’s relationship with each other.

For a great weekend daytrip idea, try visiting flea markets, farmers markets and local farms within driving distance. These markets are becoming more and more popular, as families are becoming increasingly interested in eating local.

Activities for kids may include sampling local baked goods and finding vintage toys. Farmers markets often have local entertainment for all ages such as live bands or local artists. Local farms sometimes have activities, depending on the season, for families to participate in such as berry picking, pumpkin patches and hayrides.

These options offer different and unique activities for families to enjoy.

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