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Are You Ready for a Potential Disaster?

Well, are you? Most Americans believe there will never be a time when cash becomes useless; when there is no more food at the stores and the gas is all gone.  The food we do get comes from the government, and we will be waiting in long lines.

So, what kind of a disaster am I talking about? How about a comet strike? Or a supervocano eruption?  What if our enemies decide to destroy our infrastructures like fiber optics or power grids.  What if they take out our communication satellites?  All modern conveniences would cease to function. If a supervolcano erupts, all kinds of cataostrophic events could and would occur because of it.  The climate would change for everyone, but especially for the northern or southern hemisphere, depending on which the disaster occurs in by either raising or lowering the temperature by several degrees.

FEMA recommends keeping 3 days of food on hand in case of a “natural” disaster.  In any of the cases I mentioned above, 3 days worth of food and supplies is just that: 3 days worth of food and supplies. Unless you live 10 miles or more from a grocery or convenience store, you probably go to the grocery store more than once a week. My kids go to the local convenience store once a DAY it seems like to me! I recommend having at LEAST SIX MONTHS of food (for EACH person in your household), batteries, water, toilet paper, first aid supplies, fuel, and other supplies like medications, tampons, soaps, lanterns and oil, and a battery operated radio, in case someone is able to get a message out. This could be your only means of communication.

If a disaster occurs, you can rest assure knowing you are prepared.

I will make two lists that will be available in .pdf format so you can download it and print It at your convenience, or you can send it to friends and family.

The first list will be types of natural disasters and unnatural disasters you should be prepared for, depending on where you live. The other list will have supplies to have on hand for any type of disaster. It’s “all-inclusive.”

You are probably asking, “How the heck am I supposed to accomplish that?” I agree. The cost alone can be staggering, especially if you purchase six months of the stuff sold on QVC, Amazon, EBay,

and prepper sites.  However, there are more cost-effective ways of preparing for an emergency.

I became disabled this year and I had to quit my job.  Due to this, financially we are struggling. This has forced us to move in with my mother, who is on Social Security. Thankfully, the house is paid for. I really feel the need to prepare for a possible emergency.  Some of the ways we have prepared is by growing and preserving our own food, qualifying for government programs (we have a very limited income) which give you dried beans and peas, canned fruits and vegetables, quart-size milk containers that you can store on your shelves, powdered milk, generic cheese like Velveeta, pasta and spaghetti sauce, etc.

The different places we receive non-perishable foods have a lot of the same stuff. Some of it we give away to the Salvation Army.  But a lot of it we rotate out and eat.

We’ve been blessed with a place to be able to store canned foods and supplies.  It is a giant task, especially when there are six of us in our home, plus a daughter away at college.

Some of you reading this may be thinking, I do not have the means to do this, nor do I have a place to store all of these supplies.  Trust me, I’m not writing this to stress you out, I’m writing this to HELP you!  Where there is a will, there is a way!

So, this will be a series of articles, probably once a week or so. To ensure you don’t miss any information that might save your life or your family’s lives, be sure to subscribe!

By the way, your husband will LOVE you for thinking about his and your future, and he will praise you to his buddies too!

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