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Food brings our  family together. My mom can make the best country comfort food you could ever want. And I have a few dishes that the family begs for, such as jambalaya, beef stew, stroganoff, and curry.

This weekend we received an unexpected visit from my daughter, who lives away at college.  Friday evening, I heard a voice say, “Hey, you need a haircut!” to which my husband replied, “Yes I do!”  I looked up and there was my beautiful daughter, Allyson, whom I thought I wouldn’t see for another three weeks! It was so good to see her, and she spent so much time with us (instead of her friends)! It was a great weekend.

Saturday we went shopping with her. We went to the grocery store and bought stuff for “KFC Bowls” to have for dinner at my daughter’s insistence.  Here’s our recipe for Homemade KFC Bowls:

  • homemade mashed potatoes
  • popcorn chicken
  • canned corn
  • gravy (chicken gravy or brown gravy, whichever you prefer)
  • grated cheddar cheese

Layer the above items in your bowl, begging with the potatoes, then the chicken, etc. in your bowl and pour brown gravy (or at my mom’s insistence, chicken gravy) over all.  Garnish it with the grated cheddar cheese.

This has always been one of our very favorite family meals, and it was the first time in a long time where I found my whole family (less my oldest daughter, who was at work) at the dining room table.

On Sunday, my mother made an awesome lunch of baked pork chops and stuffing. Wow, what a feast! Here’s Mom’s recipe for her yummy concoction:

  • 2-3 lbs of pork steak, or pork roast, your preference
  • 3 boxes of stuffing mix, your preference – make per directions on box
  • Extra-virgin Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sage

Sear the meat in EVOO and season with sea salt, pepper and sage. Then layer them in a well-oiled roasting pan with stuffing, then meat, and topped off with more stuffing.  Roast it at 350 degrees F for a half hour, then turn it down to 200 degrees F until ready to eat.

We also had corn and peas.

We called everyone to dinner, but strangely enough, only the women showed up. So, my mom, my two daughters, and I enjoyed this wonderful feast together. We mentioned several times the guys didn’t know what they were missing!

As soon as we were done eating, dessert came out of the oven. It was a simple box brownie mix, but we smelled it for a while, and we all had sweettooths after such a great meal.  So my mom frosted the brownies and cut them. My oldest daughter asked, “Do we have any ice cream?” and I answered, “Yes we do!” I got out the sundae bowls, and we layered ice cream, a hot brownie, and more ice cream. We all agreed it was one of the best desserts ever, as simple as it was.

And the thing that made it the most special is the love we share.

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