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Today I woke up to a conversation that “awoke” in me the grizzly bear instinct of protecting my children.

My daughter, came crying to us because of something a relative said to her. Basically, she called someone out that was leading a lie, a double-life. When this person retaliated, my daughter became hurt.

I told her not to let it get to her. This is something that everyone knows about this person, and God gave my daughter the guts to stand up to the demons at work. It really says a lot about her forming character.

Now the Mama Bear Grizzly side of the story:

I have a message for you, Mr. Relative:

You know who you are.

Seven years ago, I watched how my two young daughters saved their hard-earned Christmas money and bought you presents. Seven years ago you promised to come home for Christmas, but didn’t, and I watched my children’s disappointment turn into tears. Each year the same promise, and the same promise broken, until the year when you lied to me on the phone, said you’d be home,the next day and weren’t. After that, I never want to see your face again.

You play the victim and fish for sympathy in order to appear great in your own eyes. The only time you contact anyone up here is if you want money.

You can get pissed off all you want, I’m saying what everyone else up here knows to be true.

I don’t expect, nor do I want a reply to this. I’ve had the common courtesy (although WHY I don’t know) to leave names out of this. By replying to this thread, please understand, you could be misidentified, or identified correctly depending on who you are, as the person I’m calling out.

And please, don’t EVEN start with how I have “unforgiveness in my heart” toward you. If you look at salvation, Jesus only forgives those who REPENT and ask His forgiveness. If He forgave everyone for everything, then everyone would go to Heaven, and according to His Word, that is not the case!

Here’s the last thing I’m going to say on this subject: You screw with or hurt my kids again, you will have a Grizzly Mama to answer to!

The presents are still unopened, up on a shelf. I told the girls to open them up and use them, but they haven’t. I’m sure it brings up too many painful memories.

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