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Gossip, depending on the person, can take many forms. Some may say that gossip is any form of communication that does not involve the subject in the communication. Others define gossip as un-verified womens-picture_54information being shared maliciously among third parties. Regardless of how it is defined, gossip is a serial killer of any relationship. Here are some short ways how gossip can destroy your relationship.

Gossip infects more than just one relationship

Gossip often spreads like a wildfire devouring everything in its path, and soon there’s just a smoldering ruin. It gets worse when one friend does it to another because you’ve invested your trust into your friends and you’d like to believe the best of them. Even though you wish to stand behind them and have their backs, and feel that you can tell them something without fear of hearing it from someone outside your circle of trust, once you do the relationship is fractured. Often times this fracture extends to several friends. The whispers spread through several people, and soon you feel that you can no longer trust not only the original Friend A, but no one else. Not to mention the fact that once your friends begin gossiping, they will gradually become trapped in a web of deceit and paranoia in their own lives.

Gossip kills trust and respect

womens-picture_02Gossip ruins relationships because it shows a lack of respect for the other person. Many people view their privacy as a valuable possession. When sharing personal information with a friend, we are revealing a part of ourselves to them to show that we trust them. When we betray that trust by speaking about the person behind their back we betray their trust and in a way, disrespect them through that. We are telling them that they are not important enough to us that we can keep their confidence. In a way, gossiping about a person tells that person that they are no more than a live entertainment for you. No more than a reality TV show.

It breeds doubt

Gossip is like a weed. It starts small and no one really pays it any attention at first. Then it gets bigger, and begins to silently strangle relationships. Not through you, but those vines (which are other people spreading the gossip or rumor you started) that start attacking your partner. Your partner is being attacked by this gossip, creating doubts. Some weeds like dandelions spread their white fluffy seeds with a little wind, that’s all. Your words are the wind, and those seeds will spread to multiple gardens, which create more dandelions, more rumors, more doubt, more distrust. Eventually those words will be planted in the mind of everyone you know, and then they will take over that garden of their thoughts, overtaking the plants that were there before with an overflowing amount of little doubts that become too much for any mind, or garden, to handle.

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