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The battle of the sexes rages on. Or at the very least, a deep sense on both sides of “grrr, what are they thinking!?!” Well we are here to address one of side at least with this question: How do men think, and how can I use this to my advantage?


Visual Creatures

To begin, men are visual creatures. Primarily men think in pictures (one of the reason they make such good film directors). This lends itself well to areas like advertising. The real trick is being able to translate this into your own relationships. Does this mean that to gain any man’s attention you have to be the sexy model draped over a sports car? No. It simply means putting in a little bit of work to keep his eyes on you–and repetition doesn’t hurt either. It can take a little bit of time for the message to click.

In a physical relationship, this could mean giving him time to notice new jeans, or a new haircut.

This could also mean starting your foreplay with something a little unorthodox for some people. Leaving the lights on. This gives the man a chance to “drink it all in” and fully enjoy the sight of his woman. This will ensure more attention and satisfaction for both of you. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in some appealing lingerie if you haven’t already. The mystery of what still remains covered will make him hungry for more.

Bottom line: Men are turned on sexually by what they see more so than touch or scent, so plan accordingly. Maybe shell out the big bucks for new lingerie instead of fancy candles or incense.

Spaghetti versus File Cabinet

This theory finds its origin in how the different genders organize their thoughts/experiences/emotions. It states that men do what is called compartmentalizing: they organize their minds into separate categories or boxes. Women on the other hand, allow the varying aspects of their lives to interconnect and weave together like a plate of spaghetti noodles. Understanding this process will help communication and expectations immensely. It’s simple. When telling your man about your day, try and separate events with landmarks. “The morning as a drag until I got coffee, then I had lunch with Suzy. After lunch I….” By using words like until and after, your man’s brain is more easily able to separate events and is more likely to listen to your daily stories. This may sound condescending or far too simple, but these little changers in daily communication will help tremendously.  womens-picture_14

It also helps to simply keep in mind that men have to take some time “sorting through the boxes” to retrieve certain information. Depending on the man (and the season) the new football stats might be easier to find than the box marked “holidays with in-laws”. Patience will help here. Take time to remind him of important events, as the information will often be filed away quickly.

All of these tips may seem simple, but with a little insight into the mind of man, they will help in any relationship.

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