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Building a relationship with your son takes both time and hard work on your part as the parent. These bonds can help your relationship last and survive through all the bickering and fighting of teenage rebellion and the separation that comes with adulthood.  Here are some ways to form such a lifetime bond with your son.

Spend the Time

womens-picture_48The main thing you can do to forge a bond with your son is spend time together.  Taking time away from your busy schedule on a regular basis to spend one-on-one time with your son is the best way to get to know him.  It is not so much about what you do together.  Instead, it is about just spending some time together.  You can watch sports, play catch, have a pizza party and work on a jigsaw puzzle.  This regular time together illustrates to your son that he is important as a person and that he with worth your time and effort.  As you spend this time together, you will get to know each other as people and not just as parent and child.

Don’t Just Lecture and Criticize

It can be hard sometimes to remember to take the time out to do more than correct, criticize and lecture your son.  All these talks are negative in nature, and there are only some many lectures your son will be able to listen to before he shuts you out and stops telling you about his life.  If every time you get together with your son you take the opportunity to point out what is wrong or how he can do better in school or with his behavior, it will fail to be a pleasant memory for your son.  Instead, make sure to spend your bonding time together when you aren’t mad or feeling critical.  To take this idea a step further, you can be sure to point out positive things to your son about his behavior, accomplishments or goals.  Even if you just tell your son how proud you are, how happy you are to have him in your life and how much you love him, these comments can go a long way to building his self-esteem and creating a loving bond.

Joint Adventureswomens-picture_03

Doing activities together creates a bond with your son that will come from these memories. These activities can encompass a number of things from working together on a joint project such as repairing the car or working in the yard to playing a board game or shooting some hoops.  It is also important sometimes to get out of the house and go on outings and experience something new together.  You need not spend a ton of money for a new experience.   Simply going fishing or taking a short daytrip to a nearby park or attraction can be an adventure.  A useful tip is to try to do an activity that your son suggests. Showing an interest in what your son considers important or of value can go a long way towards helping your son feel special.  These feelings of support and love will strengthen your bond.

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