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A woman needs to make her husband feel loved and appreciated. Are you going to rough time in your marriage right now? Or, are you bored? Maybe you need something to spice up the relationship. Let me share with you what I recently learned. 

How to: Sex After Marriage

How to Have Good Sex in MarriageMy husband and I wanted to spice up our sex life. I’ve been having "problems" in that area for quite a while. OK, when you get down to it, I have not been able to have an orgasm in a while. So we went to the sex shop to see what we could find to spice it up a bit. 

I had been to a sex shop in Europe many years ago. But it was very impersonal and just straight-up porn. This was different. What we couldn’t believe was that we had been married well over 20 years, and this was our first trip together to a sex shop. 

I was very embarrassed about some of the items they had for sale. However, I mustered all my courage and boldly picked up a display bottle of tasty liquid which was used to pleasure in as many ways as the mind can think of.

Instantly, a sales clerk appeared, asking me if she could help me? I asked if the liquid pleasure as as slick as Astro-Glide? She informed me it was better. After talking about it for a few minutes, I felt comfortable enough to tell her my real reason for being there. "I can’t have an orgasm," I blurted out.

My husband had left my side when the clerk showed up, and he was hiding over in the Halloween costumes that were on sale. Wow, great costumes at great prices! Anyway, the clerk led me to the new, high-tech vibrators they had. 

What amazed me was how knowledgeable the staff was, and how professional they were. I began to realize how uptight I was (we were?) about sex.  Instead of running in to the store hand-in-hand, we snuck in, afraid of who might see us.

Don’t Let Life Go By Having Bad Sex in Marriage

Ladies, here’s secret number one : in order to please your man, you have to be having a great time yourself. Don’t fake it; you will only lose out. Why wouldn’t you want to spend an afternoon rolling around under the covers with the man you love most? (I heard that on Dr Laura back in 2006 or so). 

"I can’t have an orgasm," I blurted out.

After purchasing some "necessities " we went out to the car to leave, anxious to try out our new "necessities". 

Upon leaving we discovered that the battery on the car was dead! Not only were we embarrassed going into the sex shop, imagine our horror at the thought of calling AAA for a jump start and explaining to the gal on the phone where we were located!

Thankfully, again, the sales clerk cam to our aid and in addition to all of the wonderful advice that she gave us in the store, she helped us jump start our car in the parking lot as well…

Keep in mind that you can shop online and avoid all embarrassment however the downside is you will not get to see any of the ‘toys’ in action or hear about the products from the clerks which are there to help. 

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