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Today I learned about a different kind of unconditional love.

I’d heard in the past all you had to do to keep your man happy was, if he wasn’t horny, bring him a sandwich.

Sometimes my husband gets so involved in work, I wonder if he’s avoiding me, or if he is angry with me.  Neither is true, come to find out!  He works a full-time job and is in the process of developing his business.  And he is doing it for us!

Over the past 5 years or so, my health has gone downhill dramatically.  A number of different ailments have forced me to quit my job and file for disability.  This cut our income by 40%. We have four kids, two of whom are in college. Our home was foreclosed on, and student loans garnished my husband’s paychecks. It all hit at once.

The only thing that kept us from totally losing it was the Lord.  We have had such hard times in our marriage. But the Lord has been so faithful, always providing for all of our needs. Sometimes our needs aren’t what we think they are.

We ended up moving in with my mother when our hot water heater sprang a leak.

She actually has a great house, my mom.  She gave us the upstairs, which consists of three bedrooms, one nice-sized bathroom, and a living room which will have a mini-fridge and a place for our Bunn coffee maker and our Keurig.  The master bedroom is huge, allowing room for our king-size bed, my husband’s desk, and a dresser.  I spend most of my time with him since my bed is the most comfortable place for me to sit and write.

He asked me to write for this website. I wasn’t very enthusiastic at first. But after what he told me, that he was working so many long hours for us, I feel it’s the least I can do for him. It’s our plan to be able to get a simple, small place with a lot of land, and be as self-sufficient as possible.

Plan. It’s wonderful to have a plan, and actually move forward with them toward a goal. When your husband says, “We are going to do this,” support him. If you have any concerns about it, voice them at that time and get his feedback. After this, it’s too late to bring up your fears. If you do, you are giving him the impression you don’t consider him a true leader in your home, that you don’t trust him. And there’s nothing that will bruise his ego as the “man of the home” more quickly.

If you want some attention from your hard-working hubby, do something he would like to do. Put on something sexy and lay sexily on the bed. When he sees you, inform him of your sexual needs, and I guarantee, you will get his attention in both ways!

If he doesn’t notice you, or doesn’t respond in the way you hoped he would, don’t be angry! Remember, he’s working hard for YOU, and at that moment, his mind was still “at work.”

Trust me. As long as you keep your emotions in check and keep supporting him in every way, you will receive a reward in the future.  Remember, it’s not about you alone, it’s about you both.  You will have a stronger marriage because of it.

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