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I’m starting to understand the feelings of the African-American community. I don’t want to comment on specifics because frankly we know very little about the shooting in Minnesota.

If you can, imagine for a minute an inner-city African American kid who has joined the Armed Forces and has a desire to serve his country honestly. One day he accidentally takes home classified information and notifies his Superior Officer upon returning it, sharing the details that caused him to make the mistake with an apology offered from his heart.

The Commanding Officer, doing HIS due diligence would then write up this young man, strip him of his clearance and pursue Non-Judicial or perhaps Judicial Punishment where he could be Court-Martialed, jailed, fined, and dishonorably discharged.

There would be no special treatment for him, he’s just a cog in the system.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum we have a white woman, the absolute definition of ‘white-privilege’ who has done FAR WORSE, even to the point of an FBI investigation, yet even after hearing all of the evidence of her guilt laid bare, she gets off scot-free due to being the most powerful woman in America.

What have evidenced this week is; there is one system for the less fortunate, and another system for the Democratic candidate, and it’s horrific.

As a citizen I’m appalled at the treatment of the poor, and the DNC has shown that they really don’t care for the average American, winning elections is more important than truth.

This is not the country that I have fought in a war to protect anymore, I fought to protect every American’s rights, not just the political elite.

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