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omeone noticed that the internals of the post debate CNN poll show that they purposefully created a sampling field that bears no resemblance to the American electorate.  If you think about what went into this actual poll, and consider how CNN put it together, it’s purpose from the get-go was deception!

It had to be planned in advance, too many bizarro-world things go on at CNN for it to just be happenstance!

The guys at InfoWars write:

Almost three quarters of the respondents were not Republicans and 57% more Democrats were asked than Republicans. If the sampling was flipped, with 41% of respondents being Republican and just 26% identifying as Democrats, the outcome would almost certainly have been in Trump’s favor.

Liberals are all over the news today declaring victory yet there is only 1 poll that shows Clinton winning the debate, this cooked CNN poll.

Additionally, as a bot coder myself, it’s impossible to surmise that the other thousand polls that disagree with CNN’s dishonest poll are wrong.  Botting on that level would be nearly impossible due to the sheer amount of polls where Trump wins.

If you are so certain that you are winning, or have won, then why do you have to deceive in order to show a ‘win’?

There is a noticeable lack of confidence in Hillary, and you should read every piece of ‘news-spin’ with that in the back of your mind until election day, in the meantime get ready to vote!

Also if you haven’t seen this gem, take a look, it’s the results of Gallup doing research on the ‘trustworthiness’ of the media, and it’s at an all time low.

Most honest people, when confronted with ‘7 of 10 people think you are full of crap’ would do some serious soul searching, not the media, their response is to double down on lying!

Gallup Trust in Media Poll

Since Obama has been in office, the ‘trust in mass media’ has declined 15 points from 47% pre-Obama in 2007, to 32% on September 16, 2016.

Look at the results of the poll, notice that confidence drops in 2008, reflecting the serial dishonesty regarding coverage of Obama’s first term campaign.  From there, confidence briefly recovers and levels off until 2012 where again the media breathlessly took off the mask during the Romney campaign, another noticeable drop.  This is followed by a brief recovery, then ultimately tanking.

The public is on to the ‘news’ scam!

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