So there you are at a party after accepting the invite, walking around, outside of your element, among the ‘whose who’ of Hollywood.  Chatting up guests and hanging out with a bunch of regulars to the party scene, the ‘in’ crowd.  People are doing cocaine/extacy everywhere, having a good time, and there are tons of ‘different’ people are in attendance.

You observe that some of them appear to be ‘younger’ but since age can often be deceiving, what do you do?

Do you go full ‘neighborhood cop’ and demand that people show you their ID’s?  It’s quite obvious that no one cares about laws here, there are people openly doing drugs all over the place.

Do you go public after the event and call out the people involved when you are not 100% sure of the ages of the alleged ‘younger men’ that were in attendance and risk being sued for libel on something that you are not 100% sure of?

This is the position that Milo is in right now!

If he ‘outs’ someone, and there is not evidence of criminal activity, he’s a fake news purveyor.  If he remains silent on the issue, he’s allegedly ‘covering up for pedophiles’.

Clearly this is a no win situation.

This is an obvious hit job, the Rogan video and the ‘questions asked’ in the editing are fraudulent when placed in the context mentioned above.

The other video, the ‘Reagan Battalion’ video is such an obvious spliced together fraud that it’s not even worth commenting on, they clearly spliced together footage to make it appear as if he is saying something that he didn’t.

People making a good, honest point don’t have to deceptively edit videos and audio tracs, this whole thing is an obvious sham to anyone with video editing experience.