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So there you are at a party after accepting the invite, walking around, outside of your element, among the ‘whose who’ of Hollywood.  Chatting up guests and hanging out with a bunch of regulars to the party scene, the ‘in’ crowd.  People are doing cocaine/extacy everywhere, having a good time, and there are tons of ‘different’ people are in attendance.

You observe that some of them appear to be ‘younger’ but since age can often be deceiving, what do you do?

Do you go full ‘neighborhood cop’ and demand that people show you their ID’s?  It’s quite obvious that no one cares about laws here, there are people openly doing drugs all over the place.

Do you go public after the event and call out the people involved when you are not 100% sure of the ages of the alleged ‘younger men’ that were in attendance and risk being sued for libel on something that you are not 100% sure of?

This is the position that Milo is in right now!

If he ‘outs’ someone, and there is not evidence of criminal activity, he’s a fake news purveyor.  If he remains silent on the issue, he’s allegedly ‘covering up for pedophiles’.

Clearly this is a no win situation.

This is an obvious hit job, the Rogan video and the ‘questions asked’ in the editing are fraudulent when placed in the context mentioned above.

The other video, the ‘Reagan Battalion’ video is such an obvious spliced together fraud that it’s not even worth commenting on, they clearly spliced together footage to make it appear as if he is saying something that he didn’t.

People making a good, honest point don’t have to deceptively edit videos and audio tracs, this whole thing is an obvious sham to anyone with video editing experience.

My millennial friends don’t believe that Bill Clinton has sexually assaulted anyone simply because he’s still a public figure, and surely if he had done these heinous things he wouldn’t still be ‘relevant’.  This is actually their line of reasoning.

The genesis of the problem here is Republicans wouldn’t prosecute the case in the court of the public because they are all cowards who are more afraid of ‘bad press’ more than lovers of truth.  Trump is the first person with a set of testicles that will say what is needed not only to win, but simply because it’s the truth and politically relevant in order to to expose the lack of character of his opponent.

Hillary's Columbus Rally
The only rally that the Clinton campaign has had a decent sized turnout this political season – Columbus, Ohio 10/10/2016

Polls can’t measure turnout, and the idea that the Clinton camp is going to all of a sudden launch some kind of massive turnout juggernaut is laughable. Hillary has had exactly one event that has had a respectable turnout, the event in Columbus, on the campus of OSU.

All of these media talking heads who are focusing on polls, which are ALWAYS based on hypotheticals, rather than watching actual voters who are filling up stadiums OR not filling up high school gymnasiums (as is the case of Hillary) are fooling themselves.

Excitement and motivation cannot be reflected in getting 30% Republicans, 35% Democrats and 35% ‘Undecideds’ to answer questions in a survey, PERIOD, as seen in Brexit, OR Eric Cantor’s primary shellacking.

Also, the media has made Trump out to be lower than the spawn of the devil, literally!  How many people are going to answer that they are in favor of a ‘deplorable’, misogynistic, homophobic, fascist in a poll?

No one, they will keep their cards closer to their chest and tell the pollsters what they want to hear.

While there is no sign of ‘turn out’ there are signs of turn down!

Think about this for a minute, the Clinton campaign has went out of their way to call out Bernie supporters as being a bunch of high-minded idiots with no grip on reality.

Additionally, now with the Wikileaks Podesta emails being brought to the forefront, where the Clinton campaign has shown that they iced Bernie before the contest ever began, with help from the DNC staff, do you think the Bernie crowd is going to show up big on election day?

Neither do I…

Finally, how many stories have you seen where tens of thousands OR hundreds of thousands of people are switching parties to vote for Hillary as they are for Trump?

HINT: There aren’t any…

Well, other than the occasional Paul Ryan/Bush 1 tepid endorsement for her, and who can forget the ever changing Glenn Beck?

All of these signs together point to a serious loss for Hillary in November, there is NO good news for her candidacy to be seen anywhere other than politicized polls that will be found to be grossly inaccurate.

In the end Big Media will look like fools who did not see the obvious, they staked their reputation on the wife of an impeached, serial sexual predator, and lost.


The Declaration of Independence states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal.”

Businesses in America to cannot proper in a system where the playing field is not equal, regardless whether you are a Christian who is forced to bake a cake for a customer, or a multi-national corporation, like Twitter Inc.

Twitter Inc. has insulated themselves behind an anonymous ‘Trust and Safety Panel’ where the rights of Twitter Inc. users are arbitrarily decided.

The evidence is shown by whom they ban, and whom they don’t.

There is one standard for one group of people, and another standard for another group of people, and in America this should not be.

Regardless of the ‘Trust and Safety Panel’, Twitter Inc. cannot simply shove the inequality of their systems under the rug, based on an anonymous committee’s decision.

No, Twitter Inc. is directly responsible, regardless who is making decisions behind their wall of unaccountability.

It’s very clear that Twitter Inc. is violating the civil rights of its users, and after numerous attempts by professional media outlets to have Twitter Inc. explain their Terms and Conditions, they have simply refused.

A multi-national corporation cannot simply violate the civil rights of a group of people, and then hide behind the ideology that:

‘We are a private corporation and can choose who can and who can’t use our services’

No, a business is held to the same ethical standards in America as it’s people, they are not above the basic laws that our country is founded upon.

We cannot have an equal society when a business is held to one standard, and another is held to quite a different one, as it erodes free enterprise in our Country.

This basic violation of civil rights sends the message that small business’ do not matter, and large multi-national corporations who have armies of attorneys to fight in court do, it’s really that simple.

Therefore, we are asking for a Congressional review of Twitter Incorporated business practices WITH FULL DISCOVERY including all records that are maintained by Twitter Incorporated as well as the personal accounts of its officers, including the following:

Omid Kordestani
Jack Dorsey
Peter Fenton
Hugh Johnson
Debra Lee
Marjorie Scardino J.D.
Evan Williams
David Rosenblatt
Martha Fox
Bret Taylor

There is no way to ensure that Twitter Inc. is operating on a level playing field, they have time and time again refused to comply with any honest media inquiry regarding why they hold Americans to different standards under their terms of use.

Twitter Inc. should not be allowed to exercise their power to continually violate the civil rights of their users.

Please send all press inquires to: where they will be answered promptly.


Leslie Jones admits breaking Twitter’s Terms, no suspension for her:

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