Households around the world are likely to breath a sigh of relief with the invention of a Japanese robot that will not only wash and dry clothes, but also sort them out, fold them up and put them away neatly in the cupboard.

The world’s first laundry bot – dubbed “the laundroid” – has been created by a team of Japanese technology companies in a bid to eliminate the tedium of carrying out one of the least popular household chores.

A public demonstration of the automated laundry robot washing a white shirt took place for the first time in Tokyo at the 2015 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, an international technology trade show.”

Scientists in Japan have likely hit upon an invention that every home in the world would love to have, a robot that does laundry!

Forget about that chore that is hated in every household, this new piece of technology will sort, wash, dry, and even fold your laundry!  Hopefully, they will mass produce and get the price of this ‘must have’ electronic gadget down to a reasonable price.  We can go back to our childhoods and see the benefits of mass production by looking at the rapid production of the hand held calculator.

Mom’s around the world would probably love to see this wonderful gadget ‘fast-tracked’, and government funded, due to the amount of time that it would save in their everyday lives.  We can only hope…

You can read more about this gadget here on the Telegraph.