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Anywhere that free speech is hindered, we will be there…

This tool is for Twitter, however we will be writing a version for Facebook, and possibly Reddit.

We wrote this piece of software in response to the banning of Milo Yiannopoulos, Azealia Banks and Robert Stacy McCain.

The software gives you the ability to run as many accounts as you want, this presents a massive problem for Twitter. If there are 100 accounts all posting the same thing, which one is the actual person?

Since the program gives you the ability to use proxies, there is no way to tell who actually owns the account.

This puts Twitter in a conundrum, do they ban ALL of the accounts and alienate possibly hundreds of users who may or may not be the actual person that they are TRYING to ban? No, that won’t happen.

Additionally, the program gives you access to Twitter’s API and the information contained therein.

It’s really a ‘Swiss-Army knife’ that has thousands if not millions of uses: Investigative Journalism, building a customer base for your business, run a bot-net, OR just finding new friends with like interests.

Thanks again, we’re going to release a free beta edition very soon (like within 72 hours).

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