Katy Tur has a penchant for asking questions and when not getting an answer that fits her narrative, interrupting the person answering the question in order to ‘steer’ the comment in a direction that would be more beneficial to her reporting.

She’s basically David Gregory without a penis, and while you may think that’s a harsh assessment, here’s the video proof! (we miss you Tony Snow!)

She did this to Donald Trump today and Trump was having none of it!

If you listen closely you can hear Katy’s manufactured outrage.

OMG, the Russians have hacked the Democratic National Committee(DNC)!

Well, except no one is sure that the Russians are indeed the ones that hacked the DNC server.  The narrative put forward by the DNC is that the Russians are the party responsible for the hack.

Feral Katy Tur
Feral Katy in action!

Regardless who hacked the emails it changes nothing regarding the substance of the corruption that has been laid bare for everyone to see, THAT is the REAL story here.

I have to wonder if this is really helping relations between the two countries.

I don’t imagine that bringing allegations, that may be false, to the table is going to ‘win friends and influence people’ in Russia.  If anything it drives a wedge in US/Russian relations, but most journalists are happy to carry the narrative without thinking it through.

The DNC has money coming in from everywhere, honestly, can’t you hire a competent security firm?  If you can’t secure an email server, you sure in the hell can’t secure a whole country!

The DNC is a corporation, all of a sudden the media is concerned about the leaking of internal corporate emails.

Wonder if we will see the same level of outrage should Exxon endure the same unfortunate circumstance?

I won’t hold my breath on that one…